What is Waterdokter.nl?

Driving force behind Waterdokter.nl is Michiel A. Doude van Troostwijk (1963).
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Education: Utrecht Polytechnic, BSC. Chemical Engineering, in water technology since 1989.
Operational aspects of industrial water treatment were learned by global market leader Nalco, both in NL as in US.
Besides water, Michiel has enormous knowledge of electronics, construction, landscaping, combustion engines, generators. This enables him to take proper decisions in relation to other peoples field of expertise.

Principals say:   “We can send you on a international mission, knowing that you know how far to go very well”.

Public experience: Waternet (drinking water), public-private: WWTP Harnaschpolder, NGO: Red Cross and Unicef. (see references)

Core Strengths:

  • Flexible,
  • Worldwide available,
  • Hands-on mentality,
  • Fresh approach,
  • Pragmatic,
  • Creative,
  • Not afraid of getting dirty,
  • Reliable,
  • Representative.

Michiel A. Doude van Troostwijk worked on several international projects varying from Iraq to Belgium, in a role varying from Process Engineer, Commissioning Engineer and/or Site Manager.

To widen his horizon, Michiel worked some time in telecom’s industry on site acquisition and construction of GSM network infrastructure for operators Telfort, Nokia/Ben and KPN.
He has been active in nature management and economic development of an old monumental landscape park, designed in 1815.

Michiel’s motto is:  “To get things done”.

Michiel is a member of Engineers organization KIVI.

The name Waterdokter.nl has nothing to do with the academic doctor’s degree. Waterdokter.nl comes from multinationals like Philips, Heineken, Shell, or Unilever, having their own experts dealing with industrial water issues. In The Netherlands often referred to as their ” Waterdokter “.