Hatenboer Water ( Feb.  – Oct. 2020)
Hired by Hatenboer Water in a role as hands-on project manager for the commissioning and hand-over of drinking water treatment equipment on board of a cruise ship under construction at Meyer Yard in Papenburg, Germany. After a thorough preparation & testing at the yard, the final tests and hand-over to Saga Cruises took place at se during two trials. Suppliers varying from say the carpet supplier up to the engine manufacturer joined.
Personal fun part was that the most important handover was at my birthday, Sept 9.
Please see 3 videos underneath of Spirit of Adventure leaving her dock and the construction of sister-ship Spirit of Discovery in say 1 year.
Construction 1 (3:45 min) 
Construction 2 (1:13 min)
Leaving the dock (1:34 min)

Veolia Water Technologies, Ede (Feb – June 2019)
Construction site supervisor on a pure water project in the South of  The Netherlands. From city water, 2 different water qualities are made with combinations of softening, RO and EDI. Water is used for steam- and medicine production. Michael was on site daily, managed Veolia’s sub-contractors and was the end customers liaison.

PUM Expert
In 2016 Michiel was water expert at PUM (volunteer). Project was about building up waste water treatment expertise at the university in Kosovo through waste water training.

For over 70 years, family owned Bredenoord has understood the business of supplying customized power for any situation. Bredenoord has recently developed a combined Water and Power unit. Waste heat of the generator is used to produce good quality water by means of membrane vacuum distillation. assists Bredenoord with consultancy services regarding water technology, marketsurvey and field trials.
Clic HERE for a press release about the Bredenoord MD Water & Power Unit

Hofstede Sterreschans
aanzicht boerderij over brandvijverSince 1999 part-time involvement with maintenance management of a small land scape park. Restauration of park and farm are ongoing since 1994.
A turbid monumental pond of 6000m2 turned clear by active biological manipulation.
Exploitation result of leased out farm is negative. In 2008 a project started to reallocate the farm. May 2015 it came available due to a novel court case. Renovation will take till app. Q2 2018.
Around 2010, part time involvement became a almost full time project. Early 2015 a steward took over several tasks. will eventually return to the basis, ‘a Saturday hobby-job’: tree climbing/pruning,  wood sawing, plant nursing etc. (See contact page for availability update.)

Royal Dutch Air Force
Course for Health Care specialists of the Air Force and Land Forces on Operational Water Management during field conditions.
(Compact version of course described underneath.)

Ovivo water (Christ Holland), Tunisia.
Heineken constructs a new brewery near Tunis. Ovivo has constructed a Reverse Osmosis unit with remineralization. French speaking operators were trained how to operate this equipment. Training consisted of a theoretical part and a hands-on operations part with deliberately introduced alarms.

Pentair (Norit Process Technology), Istanbul
P1000785Istanbul has two municipal dump sites. Together they are the second biggest in the world. Rain water percolates through these sites and gets significantly polluted. Through drains on plastic sheeting, this water is collected and treated. Due to future stricter EG regulations existing installations on both locations are replaced by a Pentair leachate Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR). Total leachate flow is around 5000m3/day, which makes this the biggest leachate MBR project in the world (status2007).
From May till December 2007 Michael A. Doude van Troostwijk was Pentair’s Process Engineer & Site Manager, responsible for Commissioning, Start-up and daily Operations. He was continuously on site.

Royal Dutch Air Force
Chinook met bambi bucketAs a result of international missions, Health Care specialists of the Air Force have a growing need for added expertise on drinking water and waste water. To fulfill these needs, a special training manual and a 5 day training session regarding Operational Water Management was developed. Course deals with topics like: Specific Regulations, Base Water Knowledge, Water Treatment Technology, Water Production Tools and Daily Operation. Course consists of a theoretical part and a equipment training part under simulated field conditions.

OTV-Rossmark (owned by Veolia Water)
harnaschpolder okt05 kleinIn the Harsnaschpolder near The Hague, the biggest waste water treatment plant of The Netherlands is build. All-round interim Process Engineer Michiel A. Doude van Troostwijk, as a member of the Commissioning team, is involved in testing, daily operation & optimization, training operators, writing/up-dating manuals and liaison with authorities. (Picture taken by Aerophoto.)

Ovivo Water (Christ Holland) – Tunisia
sonedeCommissioning and start-up of a big RO drinking water production unit for Sonede, Tunisia’s drinking water company. Eleven years ago, Ovivo supplied three comparable lines. In contrast to other RO’s in Tunisia, this unit operates without any significant operational problems. Original membranes are still in operation!!
Propose Ovivo / Sonede how to optimize existing pre-treatment line- and PLC control.

OTV-Rossmark (Veolia Water)
Michiel A. Doude van Troostwijk opens Harnaschpolder WWTP inlet valveIn The Hague region a new waste water treatment plant is built. After start-up the private company Delfluent Services B.V. will operate this plant for Hoogheemraadschap Delfland for the coming 30 years. liaises between the commissioning and construction team and authorities regarding possible to be adapted permits and procedures for the testing and commissioning phase. Goal is to identify needs as early as possible. Contacts with future operator to fine tune procedures also take place. Because of ‘s technical background, also technical questions will be dealt with.

Nalco Europe
Consultancy roll-out support for 3D Trasar technology.
(During employment with Nalco in the nineties, involved in field trials and roll out of the first Trasar version.)

Cientific Committee Loosdrecht Lakes
The Loosdrecht Lakes is a famous Dutch water sports and nature area. Through the years water quality has gone down significantly through an overdose of incoming nutrients.
The city council of Wijdemeren has installed a Scientific Committee to advise her on possible solutions. brings in hands-on expertise on system optimization e.g. regarding nutrient removal/prevention, plus experience in nature conservation.

Own Research: Effluent Coagulation Optimization
foto sw1 jar-testerDrinking water and process water is often produced from surface water. First step is often a coagulation process. Added chemicals improve settling / removal of suspended solids. studied several raw water sources in The Netherlands. Waterdokter .nl visited several drinking water companies. Major savings up to 75% in direct costs are realistic by expert process optimizations. It was seen that some current processes have been running for 20 years without any significant attempt for optimization, using latest process technology. In´s opinion, these processes run just ok, but several can do much better, if properly optimized.
Results of this study were published in the Dutch Water sector’s magazine H2O. has much experience in optimizing drinking water production processes. This implies more that just quick laboratory testing and introducing new chemicals. Looking for optimum process conditions takes time. Training personnel and optimized dosing control are key factors for long term success. Plant capacity increases of 25-50%, at a better water quality, are not unrealistic. As a result of the H2O publication & acquisition, several drinking water companies investigated and optimized their treatment.

Reststoffenunie is a commercial organization which upcycles Dutch drinking water companies waste in valuable products.
For one of their customers, advised on environmental and operational aspects regarding mechanical sludge dewatering with usage op synthetic polymers.

Water Training Foundation
Water Training Foundation is the training and education organization of the Dutch public water services.
2004: Attending orientating meetings regarding a new training on Asset Management
2005: Review a course on drinking water production for operators.

Water Specialist at Ministry of Defense
op container kAfter a brief military training at the Royal Military Academy (KMA) in Breda, on topics like first aid, self-defense, basis military procedures, Michael A. Doude van Troostwijk is now a Technical Specialist. He will not be involved in military aspects of peace keeping missions. Instead Dutch Ministry of Defense can ask him to help local administrations to improve their water situation and thus increase humanitarian circumstances. Think of: short term, start-up and optimization of local civilian drinking- and waste water treatment facilities, long term, policy making & planning. Strengthen water policy Dutch Ministry of Defense.
During Operation Heroic Engineer in Germany, LCol. Doude van Troostwijk assessed drinking water equipment of other NATO countries for the Dutch Engineer Works Force.

Waternet (Amsterdam Water Supply)
loe coagn overzicht w-oOptimization of coagulation- and softening process. Improve raw water intake on-line monitoring strategy. Interim Process Engineer for the Production department. It was adviced to break full grown hardness pellets coming out of the softening reactors and refeed them. This not only saves the normally used sand as crystallization ent, more important, it provides pellets with 100% CaCO3 in stead of a SiO2 core. Waternet is implementing it.

Unicef, Iraq
clarifier Iraq 78dpiConsultant “Food for oil program UN”. Optimization of drinking- and waste water processes, review effectiveness new analytical equipment, drafting of a hands-on operations manual for drinking water plant’s personnel.

Red Cross – Red Crescent, Kosovo
Assessment of drinking water situation in Kosovo. Prepare groundwork for the overhaul of a water pumping station, improve catchment of water well and construction of a drinking water distribution network.

Umgeni Water & Spirit of Adventure, South-Africa
Assisting local personnel with the operation of a local drinking water station, while teaching leaderships courses according to Covey’s theories for the Spirit of Adventure outdoor Centre.

Nalco, Benelux & USA
nalco arc snachtsAdviser and specialist in field trials, pilot tests and optimizations of daily operations in industrial water treatment utilities (boilers, cooling towers, waste water treatment plants).
Design & construction of a 500.000 Euro mobile pilot plant for water recycle studies.
Projects done for Avebe, Philips, Heijmans Environmental, AKZO-Nobel, Norit, Nam, Shell, Campina, Texaco Houston (USA), Tampa Electric (USA), Q8, Parenco, Mc Cain, AMC Hospital, Ten Cate and several meat processing companies.
CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES NALCO ADVANCED RECYCLE CENTER (picture: Michiel DvT runs Nalco’s Advanced recycle Center in Tampa USA)

Acquisition of roof space and design/construction supervision of GSM infrastructure for Telfort, KPN and Nokia/Ben. During these projects general knowledge on construction, electronics, safety, customer relations were not only very useful, but also expanded.

Involved in several rehabilitation & small construction projects.