Projects is back in the water world
After many years in nature management……… Please see reference page.

Hofstede Sterreschans (Nature Management & Property development)
aanzicht boerderij over brandvijver> 2015, earlier see REFERENCES page
Director Hofstede Sterreschans B.V.
Responsible for management, maintenance, restoration farm complex and development.
Hobby became work, more than 1500 hours per year… No time for water, unfortunately. After getting the farm complex rented, I would love to continue in water, say around mid 2020!

After winning a novel court case,  farm was handed over, back to the owner, May 2015. Michael was project manager  during that long 6 year legal procedure. Article about this is only in Dutch: CLIC HERE .

Restoration started end 2015 and appeared to be more complex than thought. Supervising restoration appeared to be an almost full-time job. Expected finish: end Q2 2018.

A few examples.
What action do you take if your roof is really bad? Replace all nice old wood, or design something more clever? On top of the old roof, a strong sandwhich was constructed, which actually now does the job. In it there is room for insulation. Result: old looks, strong, but  with an Rc of 4,5!
Put in 200m2 foam-concrete flooring, which fails due to off spec material. Removal is time consuming. Underneath an expensive infrastructure is already there.

Keep smiling!

End result:
A 1760 farm and other buildings, with modern comfort and classic looks. Walls Rc=3, floor Rc=4, roof Rc=4,5, central floor heating, data, electra, alarm etc.

>2015: Steward works on realization real estate plans,  Michiel assists him (part-time!).

Main goal: continiation of this unique landscape parc on a financial independent basis. (in Dutch only)

Watertechnology Development

newton“All major discoveries started with a daring hypothesis.”
(Isaäc Newton, Physicist, 1690)

Michiel worked for the United Nations ‘Food for Oil Deal’ in Iraq. Lots of ‘early breakdown’ drinking water production equipment was seen. Reasons were lack of chemicals, broken dosing pumps, valves or membranes. Can be different, he knew……..

After this Iraqi experience the ‘fool proof’ water production equipment concept was created. This equipment is not depending on lacking spare parts or chemicals. They can be maintained/repaired on site/locally.
Membrane equipment is popular, but sensitive for operators failures. technology is a combination of smartly adapted conventional equipment and innovative reliable techniques. The innovative part can remove medicines/pesticides in 1 step. introduces the name DAOP, meaning Direct Advanced Oxidation Process.

einsteinIn 2008 and 2010 a WBSO-grant was used for research. Since ‘nature work’ is outsourced, can and will continue this technology development. Partners are more than welcome!

“If you continue doing what you always did, you get what you already had”.
(Albert Einstein)