Terms of Delivery & Disclaimer

Terms of delivery

Waterdokter.nl uses De Nieuwe Regelling-2011 (DNR-2011) as her standard terms of delivery.
Translated into English: De Nieuwe Regeling-2011 (DNR-2011) means something like The New Rules-2011.
DNR-2011 is the successor of the Orde van Nederlandse Raadgevende Ingenieurs (ONRI) (= Dutch Association of Consulting Engineers) standard terms of delivery DNR-2005 and RVOI-2001. DNR-2011 is mutually accepted by ONRI and the Bond van Nederlandse Architecten (BNA)( = Dutch Architects Association).

Waterdokter.nl will give you a copy of DNR-2011 on your request, but you can also download the English text: CLICK HERE FOR DE NIEUWE REGELING 2011/ The New Rules (=DNR-2011)

In case of a difference between the Dutch and English version of DNR-2011, the Dutch version is leading.

Waterdokter.nl liability is limited (Article 15, DNR-2005):
1) The damage to be compensated by the consultant is limited per commission to a sum equal to the consultancy costs with a maximum of € 1.000.000.
2) Contrary to the provision of clause 1 of this article, in the case of commissions where the client is a consumer and the consultancy costs per commission are lower than € 75.000,the damage to be compensated is to a maximum of
€ 75.000.

Due to difficult risk assesment of OPERTIONAL work for Waterdokter.nl, combined with a complex ‘guilt question’, a lower liability is agreed. Main reason is that principals normally insure their projects for own and contract workers and do not want to depend on (smaller) sub-contractors insurances.

Although Waterdokter.nl knows the precessor of DNR-2011, the DNR-2005 and RVOI-2001, the DNR-2011 are the preferred Terms of Delivery.


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