General is active into international commissioning & start-up , process optimization, process technology or project management. If needed, 7 days a week.
Focus is on hands-on & operational aspects.

Commissioning / Interim Daily Operations is active in Commissioning, Optimization and temporary daily Operations. Dealing with local authorities or subcontractors or PR are a integral part of services. Michiel feels just at ease in working cloth as a in a suit, at your principal or consulate/embassy/visiting trade mission. is experienced in ‘classic-‘ and membrane treatment processes.

Process optimization
Optimized processes result in better performance, better water quality, higher capacity and save you money.

Project management is experienced in hands-on oriented construction projects.

Process development is your consulting & hands-on partner where others are more descriptive.

Field trials is expert in performing and managing field trials all over the world.

Pilot Plants – Demonstrations is experienced in development, construction and operation of pilot plants and running demonstrations worldwide.

Interim Engineer Services helps you out with Interim Engineer Services during busy periods or in times of absence.

Operational consultancy provides you with operational consultancy or second opinion. Is your organization suffering from the ‘not invented here syndrome?’ Do not ask us! If you need an open mind, call us.

International aid projects: quickly gets existing drinking and waste water plants working again at or above old original specifications. Minor investments often boost capacity and quality enormously. Quite often plant performs poorly due to things which are thought to be unimportant. Plant operators get additional training on the job. knows how to fix this!
Water related diseases are responsible for up to 80% of basic health care needs.

Technology Development is developing a “fool proof”, chemical free, low &local maintenance drinking water plants, which produces drinking water from sweet water. Many drinking water plants break down because of one exotic spare part or their non operator friendliness.